Food Security Related to Market-oriented and Future Direction of Agriculture in Lao PDR

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The economic theory is to assist farmers to shift from subsistence to market-oriented production in
order to increase food security. Usually this means they obtain cash to cover rice shortages. A common
understanding is that production technology is the key. There are risks associated with this shift, because
markets are not well understood. The main focus has been on the production side, but market unpredictability
has been problematic. The approach of developing a crop technology first and then searching for a market
outlet increases risk. Therefore, the government will focus more on the two main aspects in the agricultural
sector, the food security and the commercialization of agriculture are to be promoted till year 2015.
Technology-driven market transition has been risky. Cash crops should not be promoted unless the market
is well-understood. The local-level organization should focus not only on production, but also on processing
and marketing. Equity in access to opportunities is the key to understanding the economic impact of
markets. And the skills to support market-oriented production are still lacking at the local level. There is
a need for not only technical expertise, but also the experience with contracts, marketing and negotiation,

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Food security



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