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【JIRCAS Mail Magazine No.1 (April 2016)】
Published by Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS)
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■Latest topics
●Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers 2016


●Methodology in JIRCAS’s Research Highlights 2012 report, “Soil suitability map for teak plantation in the Northeast of Thailand,” extended to four other provinces by the Thai Royal Forest Department (RFD)

●JIRCAS participates in “High Level Policy Dialogue on Investment in Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region"

●JIRCAS joins Thailand's National Science and Technology Fair 2015, with an award by the Ministry of Science and Technology

●Presentation of JIRCAS international collaborative project outputs at the “Research for Development (R4D) Week” of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

■Introduction of new technologies and research highlights
【Research Highlights (International agriculture, forestry and fisheries research information) Fiscal year 2014】
●Sustainable use of biogas digester by applying unused biomass

●Development of a near-isogenic line with early-morning flowering trait in the genetic background of Indica-type variety in the tropics

●Heat tolerance and flower opening time of popular rice varieties in the tropics

●Long–term global outlook of crop yields under climate change

●Manual of soil fertility improvement technologies in lowland rice ecologies of Ghana

●A flexible high-throughput marker system to distinguish African rice (Oryza glaberrima) from Asian rice (Oryza sativa)

●Four AREB/ABF transcription factors function downstream of three SnRK2 protein kinases to regulate drought stress tolerance

●Economic benefits of various non-timber forestry products to Lao PDR’s farm economy

●Resource management of a small-sized cyprinid population in an isolated small stream based on its ecological characteristics

●Decomposition analysis of maize yield change in China

●Importance of salt concentration and long-term fermentation in the quality of salty-fermented freshwater fish paste in Thailand and Laos

■Guidance publications
●JARQ (Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly) Vol.50 No.2 Jan. 2016
▲Promotion of Efficient Molecular Breeding Using Chimeric Repressors in Ornamental Flowers

〇Crop Science
▲Decline in Fertility of Paddy Soils Induced by Paddy Rice and Upland Soybean Rotation, and Measures against the Decline
▲Effects of Fertilizer and Organic Amendments on Metabolite Profiles in Radish, Komatsuna, and Mizuna

〇Agricultural Engineering/Horticulture
▲Controlled Environment Agriculture for Effective Plant Production Systems in a Semiarid Greenhouse

〇Animal Husbandry
▲Possibility of Diagnosing Uterine Function in Cows


●JIRCAS News Letter No.78 Feb. 2016

2p. Foreword: Why “Quality” Matters in International Agriculture Research?
3p. Keynote Speech: Harnessing agricultural biodiversity for improved nutritional quality, more effective climate change adaptation and better rural livelihoods
4p. Keynote Speech: Why the Quality of Growth Matter? - from JICA’s experiences
5p. Session A: Researches for climate-resilient and sustainable agriculture
6p. To establish an agricultural system which harmonizes human life with the environment through smart use of rural resources in a regional environment - JIRCAS’s climate change initiatives for the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
7p. Session B: Approaches to enhance stable food production and consumption in Africa
8p. A way to strengthen the role of cowpea in West Africa
9p. Session C: Evaluation of the various uses of indigenous resources and establishment of value chains in Asia
10p. Uses of non-timber forest products in Lao PDR and their values


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