Appraisal of Local Farmers' Practices on Land Management for a Guideline of Agricultural Development in the Sahel Zone of Niger, West Africa

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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In order to bridge a gap between research results and farmers' needs for agricultural development in the Sahel, we made a study of traditional agricultural production systems derived from what we understood about indigenous knowledge (IK) of Sahelian farmers. The study was conducted in the western part of Niger, West Africa. IK was gathered from interviews among several villages of different generations. Then impartiality was verified. We obtained detailed information on land management and topographical features of farmland and devised a thorough local classification system. Statistical results showed that the obtained information was not significantly different among villages and generations. This result brought recognition that IK was a shared knowledge among local farmers in the study area. The study classified in detail a farmland that was directly or indirectly affected by household economy, the potential of natural resources like organic matter, and the relationship between agriculturalist and pastoralist. Understanding this context for soil fertility management at the village level makes it possible to assess the situation more appropriately than simply looking at actual practices, thereby helping to identify a problematic issue that concerns local farmers.

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Creator HAYASHI Keiichi ABDOULAYE Tahirou MATSUNAGA Ryoichi TOBITA Satoshi

cereal productions

farmers' knowledge

farming system

organic matter management

sandy soil

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