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Economic Valuation of the Agricultural Impact on Nitrogen in the Water Environment by a Newly Proposed Replacement Cost Method

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Agriculture is multifunctional, and the value of each function should be expressed in a form that is easy for anyone to understand. One function, for example, is water purification, and recently much effort has been expended to quantify this function. The author proposed a new replacement cost method for the economic valuation of the nitrogen (N) removal function of paddy fields and of the N effusing function of upland fields, and then economically valuated cultivated lands Japan-wide. The N removal function of cultivated paddy fields and fallow paddy fields was valued at approximately 0.3 JPY m-2 d-1 and 0.6 JPY m-2 d-1, respectively, when replaced by the sum of maintenance and depreciation costs of water quality improvement facilities. Upland fields have a negative economic value of approximately 0.08 JPY m-2 d-1. However, paddy fields function effectively in N removal only when the irrigation water is strongly contaminated with N. Consequently, 85% of the area used for paddy fields does not function in N removal. The use of N-contaminated water from upland fields for paddy field irrigation throughout the year might be environmentally and economically effective with respect to the conservation of water quality in agricultural areas.

Date of issued2008-10-01
CreatorSHIRATANI EisakuKIRI HirohideTANJI Hajime

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