Recent Advances and Problems in Malting Barley Breeding in Japan

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Malting barley breeding in Japan has witnessed major changes in the past 15 years. Breeding research programs to identify agronomical and quality-related problems, including the spread of new strains of the barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV), the excessive degradation of malt protein, and environmental stresses such as frost damage, wet-injury and grain damages (hull-crack and ventral swelling) have been introduced with consideration to the situation of malting barley production in Japan. Further, promising high-quality breeding lines such as lipoxygenase deficient lines and those with extremely high diastatic power or low protein content have also been described.

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Creator NAGAMINE Takashi KATO Tsuneo

barley yellow mosaic virus

diastatic power


marker assisted selection


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Volume 42
Issue 4
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DOI 10.6090/jarq.42.237
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