Effects of Complex Organic Extracts on Plantlet Regeneration from PLBs and Plantlet Growth in the Doritaenopsis Orchid

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Potato extract (PE), corn extract (CE) and papaya extract (PAE) significantly enhanced plantlet regeneration from PLBs (protocorm-like bodies) when 50 mL L-1 of an extract was supplemented to the New Phalaenopsis (NP) medium containing sucrose. Among the treatments, CE 50 mL L-1 induced the highest rate (66.63%) of plantlet regeneration from PLBs. Organic extracts of potato, corn and papaya at 50-100 mL L-1 in NP medium also enhanced the subsequent growth of mini-plantlets. However, a higher level (200 mL L-1) of extract in the medium inhibited the growth of the plantlets. Among these extracts, PE at 100 mL L-1 showed the optimum effect on the acceleration of shoot growth while CE at the same concentration was optimum for root growth.

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Creator RAHMAN Abu Reza Md. Mahfuzur ISLAM M. Obaidul PRODHAN A.K.M. Azad-ud-doula ICHIHASHI Syoichi

potato extract

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DOI 10.6090/jarq.38.55
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