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New Application of Konjac Glucomannan as a Texture Modifier

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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In addition to being used as a material for the preparation of traditional alkaline gel, konjac glucomannan (KGM) can be utilized as a texture modifier under neutral or acidic conditions. Rheological and thermal properties of KGM with different molecular weights were studied under neutral conditions to promote further utilization. KGM molecules showed a coil overlap and entanglements even at a low concentration (0.01%). The mixed gels of-KGM and x-carrageenan (CAR) were considered to involve 2 crystalline regions: one consisting only of CAR molecules and the other consisting of the interaction between CAR and KGM. Upon heating, the latter region was disintegrated at a lower temperature and the former melted at a higher temperature. Gels containing KGM with a higher molecular weight or a higher KGM content have a stronger tendency to make junction zones formed by CAR and KGM.

Date of issued1997-10-01
CreatorKaoru KOHYAMA Katsuyoshi NISHINARI
NII resource type vocabularyJournal Article