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Development of Composting System

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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A simple compost windrow-forming car and a compost turner were designed to develop low-cost manure management systems. The compost windrow-forming car enables the formation of windrows in a short time. In order to pulverize and mix manure by upper and lower beaters in the process of windrow-forming, conditions such as aerobic respiration and mixing of materials which play a major role in composting were fulfilled. This car can also be utilized as a manure spreader by folding the windrow-forming cover. The compost turner is equipped with a tractor on the rear right side. Main specifications are 2.5 m working width, overall length of 3.3 m and conveyor inclination angle of 45°. Two beaters for mixing and pulverization are attached to the front parts. Windrows with a width of 2.5 m and height of 1.5 m are turned at the speed of 4.5-5.1 m/min. Combination of the compost windrow-forming car and the compost turner enables to construct a simple composting system for individual farmers at a low cost.

Date of issued1997-10-01
CreatorKunio NISHIZAKI Yasuhiro YOKOCHI Yoichi SHIBATA Tadanobu NAGAI
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