Risk Analysis, Safety Assurance Requirements, and Safety Evaluation Test for Robotic Agricultural Machinery

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
NII recode ID (NCID) AA0068709X
The advancement of robotic technology in the agricultural industry is continually progressing with research, development, and practical applications in agricultural machinery. However, a crucial factor for the widespread acceptance of these machines is ensuring their safety. To date, risk analysis has been conducted on the basis of unmanned work in the agricultural field and troublesome cases using vehicle-style robotic agricultural machinery. Moreover, necessary safety requirements have been identified for both hardware (Machine) and software (Operation & management) components. Furthermore, safety standards, guidelines, and evaluation methods have been established to guarantee the safety of robotic agricultural machinery.
Date of issued
Creator Hideyuki KONYA Yutaka KIKUCHI
Subject agricultural vehicle inspection robot safety standard tractor
Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
Received Date 2023-05-12
Accepted Date 2023-09-27
Volume 58
Issue 3
Language eng

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