Fakara Plants
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Pennisetum glaucum   (L.) R. Br., (weed type)
  = P. sieberanum (Schlecht.) Stapf et Hubb.
  = P. stenostachyum (A. Br. et Bouch?) Stapf et Hubb.
Zarma name: sunu
Weedy pearl millet that produces edible grain.
Uses: Food (grain), fodder (whole plant), material (culm)
Notes: A weedy genotype of the cultivated pearl millet that arise from sown seed of the crop. "Sunuri" in Fulbe, "shibra" in Hausa. The grain is usually regarded a womenfs property. The culm is used to make storehouse underlay or poultry shed.
For the genetic basis of the difference between the crop and weedy types, see Miura & Terauchi (2005) Molecular Ecology 14: 1251-1261.
1. An individual in a pearl millet field
2. Harvested ears
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