Fakara Plants
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(Broadly FABACEAE)
Faidherbia albida   (Del.) Chev.
  = Acacia albida Del.
Zarma name: gao, gaonya
A tall acacia-like thorny tree well known by its peculiar phenology (green in the dry, bare in the rainy season). Reserved in cultivated fields.
Uses: Fodder (leaves and fruits), medicine (bark), fence material (branches)
Notes: Due to its unusual phenology, animals gather and rest under the tree during the dry season and leave a lot of dung. That makes the soil fertile and one can get good harvest around the tree.
FaidhalbM2_s FaidhalbT2_s
1. Branches with some unseasonally growing leaves 2. Silhouette
FaidhalbM1_s FaidhalbM3_s
4. Cluster of fruits
3. Bark 5. An old tree in the rainy season
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