A paper was published in Nature Communications and press released

Original Paper

Nagatoshi, Y., Ikazaki, K., Kobayashi, Y., Mizuno, N., Sugita, R., Takebayashi, Y., Kojima, M., Sakakibara, H., Kobayashi, N.I., Tanoi, K., Fujii, K., Baba, J., Ogiso-Tanaka, E., Ishimoto, M., Yasui, Y., Oya, T., and Fujita, Y.(2023) Phosphate starvation response precedes abscisic acid response under progressive mild drought in plants, Nature Communications, 14. 5047

Press Release

Discovery of New Drought Stress Response Mechanism in Plants
―Overcoming "invisible drought" and paving the way for improvement in crop yields―

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