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JIRCAS Visiting Research Fellowship Program FY2018

JIRCAS, through international collaborative research, aims to provide scientific solutions to various problems, particularly in the areas of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, confronting developing countries in various regions of the world. In line with this scheme, JIRCAS launched the JIRCAS Visiting Research Fellowship Program in 1992. Every year since then, JIRCAS has been inviting promising researchers from research organizations in developing countries to conduct research work under the supervision of JIRCAS researchers.

This fellowship program has three types, namely, ‘Tsukuba’, ‘Okinawa’ and ‘Project Site’. Under the ‘Tsukuba’ type, the fellowship research is carried out at the JIRCAS Headquarters in Tsukuba. Under the ‘Okinawa’ type, the fellowship research is carried out in Tropical Agricultural Research Front in Okinawa. Under the ‘Project Site’ type, the fellowship research is conducted at research institutes in developing countries where JIRCAS is currently implementing collaborative research projects.



We are pleased to announce the recipients of the JIRCAS Visiting Research Fellowship for FY2018. The five new JIRCAS Fellows are listed below.
(The Fellowship Program is currently CLOSED for applications. The deadline for FY2018 was on May 8, 2018.)


'Tsukuba' type

T1. Improvement of soybean salt tolerance using molecular breeding techniques.
Awardee: NGUYEN Trang Thi (Vietnam)

T2. Analysis on the effects of ratios of NH4-N and NO3-N in the rhizosphere on nitrification inhibitors secretion and growth in sorghum.
Awardee: GAO Xiang (China)

T3. Developing rice breeding lines to improve nitrogen use.
Awardee: AHMED MM Emam (Bangladesh)

T4. Characterization of new soybean genetic resources resistant to Asian soybean rust disease.
Awardee: AOYAGI Luciano (Brasil)

T5. Elucidation of lignocellulosic biomass degradation mechanism in alkali-thermophilic anaerobic bacteria Herbivorax saccincola A7.
Awardee: BARAMEE Sirilak (Thailand)

'Project Site' type

P1. Study on feeding environment of bivalves in the high turbid water in Myanmar.
Awardee: (none)

Fellows and Host scientists of current Fellowship Program FY2016

3 Fellows and host scienists in Tsukuba

3 Fellows and host scientists in Tsukuba (JIRCAS-HQ)

from left to right, Dr. A. KOSUGI (host scientist), Ms. Phakhinee THIANHENG (from Thailand), Dr. Masa IWANAGA (President of JIRCAS), Dr. Pradipta R. PRADHAN (from India), Dr. D. XU (host scientst), Mr. Yongliang YAN (from China), Dr. Guntur V. SUBBARAO (host scientist)

Fellow and host scienists in Okinawa

Fellow and host scientists in Okinawa (JIRCAS-TARF)

from left to right, Dr. S. GOTO (host scientst), Dr. K. SUENAGA (Director of TARF), Dr. Burhanuddin RASYID (from Indonesia), Dr. H. OMAE (host scientist)

Fellow and related scienists in Project-site (Madagascar)

Fellow and host scientists in Project-site (Madagascar)

Dr. Tovohery RAKOTOSON (from Madagascar) and Dr. Y. TSUJIMOTO (host scientist) will appear soon.