Virus Diseases of Rice and Leguminous Crops in Thailand

Tropical agriculture research series : proceedings of a symposium on tropical agriculture researches
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There are five virus diseases of rice plant in Thailand; yellow orange leaf, ragged stunt, gall dwarf, transitory Yellowing and grassy stunt. They are kept under control by the use of suitable insecticides and resistant varieties. Important virus diseases of soybean are caused by soybean mosaic virus and soybean crinkle leaf virus. The most important virus disease of groundnut is caused by peanut mottle virus and that of mungbean is caused by mungbean yellow mosaic virus. As for vegetable leguminous crops, asparagus bean is severely attacked by cowpea aphidborne mosaic virus, blackeye cowpea mosaic virus and an unidentified virus which causes bunchy stunt disease.
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Creator Anong Chandrasrikul S. Disthaporn K. Kittipakorn
Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
Volume 19
spage 40
epage 44
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