Newsletter 2(2)

ISSN 09198822
NII recode ID (NCID) AA11015118
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  • Challenge to International Collaboration in Animal Science
  • The Smallest Ruminant, Lesser Mouse Deer as a New Experimental Laboratory Animal.
  • TARC Research Highlights
    • Efficient Production of Wheat Haploids through Intergeneric Crosses
    • Characterization of Theileria parva Shizont Antigens by Two-dimensional Western Blotting
    • Cultural Control of Java Root-knot Nematode Attacking Mungbean in Thailand
  • The Genetic Diversity of Mungbean in Asia
  • New General Affairs Division
  • TARC in Africa
  • TARC Internationl Symposium 1991
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Creator Tropical Agriculture Research Center
Type Article
Volume 2
Issue 2
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