Experience of a JICA research project in Ethiopia

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Experiences in Ethiopia have shown that innovations/technologies that are developed on research
stations without the participation of farmers (ultimate users) are often refused by these farmers. This is due to
the fact that technologies which were developed without the involvement of the farmers have little chance of
meeting the actual farmers needs. Ideally, farmers of all types would have the capacity in terms of knowledge,
skills, attitude, information technologies and motivation to run their farming enterprise effectively. In the
past, in general the active role of farmers in developing technologies and dissemination has been largely
neglected and underestimated. It is in response to the problems and shortcomings of this past research
approach that other participatory research approach such as FRG evolved in Ethiopia. The overall aim of
establishing FRG at a given community is to effectively facilitate participatory technology development
(PTD). Farmers Research Group acts as a focal point for on-farm observation, problem identifi cation and
prioritization, experimentation, analysis and monitoring and evaluation of the planned activities. Under
this approach, there are attempts to evolve farmers in the whole process of technologies development and
dissemination. All research efforts are also being directed towards solving the major priority problems
identifi ed. Working with small groups of FRG both in livestock and crops research in Ethiopia considerably
improved communication and information exchange, empower farmers both technically and economically
and open door for on-farm participatory research approach. Although, the performance and success of
FRG can be affected by various factors, if FRG scenario can be managed properly it can have a signifi cant
contribution in research and development activities of developing countries.

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Farmers Research Group (FRG)

technology development

technology dissemination

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Issue 2007
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