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Technical achievements of indigenous fish aquaculture in rice-paddy and pond in rural areas of Lao PDR: summarized results obtained by the JIRCAS-LARReC project

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Research achievements in aquaculture-related research techniques during the JIRCAS-NAFRI project with LARReC since 2007 are presented in this report. In particular, seed production of Laotian indigenous fishes and morphological development of several species are summarized. In addition, case studies of rice-paddy fish culture and pond fish culture that were conducted with farmers in rural areas are also presented. Based on the results we can propose practical applications for aquaculture using Laotian indigenous fishes by farmers in rural areas that can contribute to increase in fish production. In addition, information on morphological development of larval and juvenile stages of the concerned species is essential for consideration of their evolutionary ecologies and contribution to the conservation of indigenous species.

Date of issued2020-03-19
CreatorBounsong VongvichithShinsuke Morioka
PublisherJapan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
TypeTechnical Report
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