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Approach to Sustainable Forestry of Indigenous Tree Species in Northeast Thailand

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  • Title / Preface / Contents PDF15KB
  • Growth performance of indigenous tree species under uneven-aged forest management in Northeast Thailand PDF568KB
    Atsushi Sakai, Thiti Visaratana, Bundit Hongthong, Tosporn Vacharangkura
  • A modeling approach to sustainable forest management: “Virtual Forest” predicts forest growth and canopy structure PDF551KB
    Yukihiro Chiba, Atsushi Sakai
  • A preliminary result of coppicing trials in teak plantations in Kanchanaburi, Thailand PDF435KB
    Woraphun Himmapan, Iwao Noda
  • Two-year results of a clonal test of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) in the Northeast of Thailand PDF418KB
    Suwan Tangmitcharoen, Suchat Nimpila, Jeerasak Phuangjumpee, Prasit Piananurak
  • A preliminary result of soil improvement trial on teak in Khon Kaen, Thailand PDF395KB
    Wilawan Wichiennopparat, Mayuree Wanpinit, Suchart Nimpila
  • Improvement of soil suitability mapping for teak plantations in Northeast Thailand PDF306KB
    Somsak Sukchan, Iwao Noda
  • Variable density yield model for teak plantations in the Northeast of Thailand PDF749KB
    Tosporn Vacharangkura
  • Current situation and solution on management of Nong Bua Lam Phu Private Forest Plantation Cooperative Limited PDF105KB
    Woraphun Himmapan, Iwao Noda, Naoyuki Furuya
  • Current functions and expected roles of Private Forest Plantation Cooperatives in Thailand PDF278KB
    Naoyuki Furuya, Woraphun Himmapan, Iwao Noda
  • Trends of forestry and wood processing industry in Thailand: Analysis using historical forestry statistics from 1997 to 2008 PDF3,458KB
    Naoyuki Furuya
  • The present circumstances of teak wood processing, marketing and future prospects in Northeast Thailand PDF260KB
    Takaaki Komaki, Iwao Noda, Naoyuki Furuya, Yasuhiro Yokota, Woraphun
    Himmapan, Arunee Pusudsavang
  • Current situation of teak farm forestry after Economic Tree Plantation Promotion Project in Northeast Thailand PDF246KB
    Naoyuki Furuya, Arunee Pusudsavang, Iwao Noda, Woraphun Himmapan, Yasuhiro Yokota
  • Financial analysis of private teak plantation investment in Thailand PDF349KB
    Arunee Pusudsavang, Suchat Kalyawongsa, Iwao Noda
  • Profitability of combined farm management with teak plantations in Northeast Thailand PDF655KB
    Iwao Noda, Woraphun Himmapan, Naoyuki Furuya, Arunee Pusudsavang
  • Editorial page PDF81KB

Date of issued2012-03-01
CreatorIwao NodaTosporn VacharangkuraWoraphun Himmapan
PublisherJapan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
RightsJapan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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