JIRCAS Newsletter (93)

JIRCAS Newsletter
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  • Towards Building Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Africa p.3

Special Feature
International Joint Research Projects in Africa under the Food Program

  • Development of Sustainable Rice Cultivation and Food Production Systems in Africa  p.4 
  • Improvement of Crop Farming Systems in the Savanna Region of Africa  p.5 
  • Toward “Local Production for Local Consumption”: Aiming at Production and Distribution of Fertilizers Manufactured from African Indigenous Phosphate Rock  p.6 
  • Efforts to Improve the Efficiency of Use of Limited Agricultural Water Resources in Africa  p.7 
  • Measuring Household Water Use in Rural Ghana  p.8 
  • A New Breeze for Traditional Cropping in West Africa Using Unutilized Genetic Resources  p.9 
  • Africa and Nutrition  p.10 
  • Towards Improved Farm Management of Smallholder Farmers in Africa  p.11 


  • 【Research Highlights】
    • Development of Cellulose Saccharification Technology Using Microorganism Culture Only ―Microbial saccharification method reduces the cost of saccharification enzymes to zero―  p.12
    • Year-round Intermittent Irrigation Improves Farmers’ Profits and Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions ―LCA evaluation of the benefits of alternate wetting and drying technology in the Mekong Delta―  p.12
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