JIRCAS Newsletter(84)

JIRCAS Newsletter
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  • Foreword
    • 3p. Bridging Agricultural Research Ties between Japan and Developing Tropical Island Nations 
  • Special Feature Articles (Introduction of Research Activities at TARF)
    • 4p. Reducing Fertilizer Input in Sugarcane Cultivation to Reduce Nitrogen Loads to Underground Systems 
    • 5p. Development of Countermeasures to Reduce Soil Erosion Using an Artificial Sloping Field 
    • 6p. Breeding of Tropical Fruits for the Southwest Islands of Japan Using Genetic Resources at JIRCAS 
    • 7p. Development of High-yielding Biomass Crops Using a Wild Relative of Sugarcane 
    • 8p. Genetic Improvement of the Indica Group Rice Variety and its Applications 
    • 9p. Introduction of Useful Traits into Rice by Transgenic Approach and Genome Editing 
  • Collaborative Research Institute
    • 10p. The Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC/AQD) 
    • 11p. Open House 2018
    • 11p. Best Paper Award from the Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events
    • 12p. We changed our logo on April 1, 2018.
    • 12p. 2018 Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers and JIRCAS International Symposium 2018
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Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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Issue 84
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