Three Decades of Safeguarding and Promoting Use of Agricultural Biodiversity: Changing Global Perspectives, Paradigm Shifts and Implications

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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In this study, we explore the global shifts in research priorities and strategies with respect to Plant Genetic Resources (PGR) over a period of nearly 3 decades and also look at changes in donor strategies over the same period, with specific reference to Japanese support to PGR work. We conducted a quantitative text analysis based on reports published by Bioversity International, a leader in PGR issues, and looked at changes in the frequency of appearance of certain terms and words over a 22-year period (1998-2020), divided into six phases. Results show that over the period, Bioversity International’s focus transitioned from an emphasis on collection of genetic resources and conservation in genebanks to conservation through sustainable use across generations. This evolved further to “food” -centered approaches. More recently, the emphasis is shifting to “food system” approaches with emphasis on the linkages between agriculture, environment and nutrition. The priority issues of the organization at the different phases are presented. Over the same period, Japanese government investment strategies have shifted from supporting PGR collection work to building capacity of researchers (in both source countries and Japan) and creating more benefits from PGR including nutrition, health and economic benefits to local societies who are the keepers of the PGR. The involvement of Japanese researchers, including the main author, in the various research activities characteristic of the different phases of the transition is presented. In the current global shift towards food systems approaches where the linkage of agriculture, nutrition, and the environment is emphasized, and the involvement of the private sector encouraged, partnerships with resource rich counters will be considered important in PGR activities in the future.
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Creator Yasuyuki MORIMOTO Patrick MAUNDU
Subject conservation Japan’s assistance plant genetic resources
Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
Received Date 2021-02-05
Accepted Date 2021-08-10
Volume 55
Special Issue
spage 419
epage 431
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