Distribution and Processing Systems for the Stable Supply of Products from Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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A stable supply of agricultural commodities is the keystone of food security and economic development. Fluctuations as a result of weather, war and epidemics have had critical impacts on civilisation, with human progress and resilience depending on both the versatility of processing technologies, and the efficiency of agri-produce distribution systems.
To garner all of the harvest of the Green Revolution, we need to improve postharvest technology, infrastructure and markets. Efficient marketing or processing can optimize product utility, shelf-life and nutritional balance, as well as commercial attractiveness, to improve profitability for agribusiness and value for money for consumers. And throughout history, these goals have been achieved through postharvest research, innovation and investment.
In developing countries, improvements can be made to product quality, to postharvest systems and market access, to pest and disease control and to the management of contaminant risks. But success depends on practice. And it also requires adequate infrastructure and good governance! Increased government investment in postharvest research and development will have significant economic impact. By linking farmers to markets, governments deliver benefits to the whole community, because they are boosting:
* Food security and trade,
* Community health and nutrition, and
* Rural incomes and employment.
Creator Greg I. Johnson E.J. Woods P.J. Hofman
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