JIRCAS Projects for the Development of Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in Asia

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A majority of JIRCAS's on-going projects are being carried out in Asia, accounting for approximately 80 % of the total number. Promotion of agricultural sustainability in harmony with the increase of productivity is the main target of JIRCAS's research collaboration in this region. JIRCAS is carrying out six multidisciplinary research projects in which sustainability of agriculture, forestry and fisheries is a key issue. Among these projects, "Development of sustainable agricultural technology in Northeast Thailand" is a representative program which directly deals with agricultural sustainability in the region. Decrease of soil fertility, soil salinization and lack of animal feed during the dry season are the main problems which are being currently addressed by the researchers of JIRCAS and Thai counterpart institutes. The mechanism of salinization was eventually elucidated based on the analysis of groundwater properties and sugarcane was found to offer a high potential as animal feed during the dry season. Other examples of relevant research projects include "Evaluation and improvement of farming systems combining agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries in the Mekong Delta" and "Productivity and sustainable utilization of tropical and subtropical brackish water mangrove ecosystems". In the Mekong Delta project, a research team consisting of JIRCAS and Vietnamese counterpart institutions is engaged in studies to improve the traditional farming system referred to as VAC (V : garden, A : pond, C: livestock) which prevails in Vietnam. The brackish water project in Malaysia aims at evaluating the productivity of mangrove ecosystems and identifying the criteria for sustainable utilization, in taking account of the fact that there has been a significant decrease in the area of mangrove forests which display environmental, ecological and socio-economic values.
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