Biosafety Guidelines for Deliberate Release of Agricultural Biotechnology Products Developed Using Recombinant DNA Technology

JIRCAS international symposium series
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Genetic modification of plants, animals, and microbes using recombinant DNA techniques holds the promise of increased crop productivity, improved nutrition and product quality, reduced dependence on chemical inputs for pest and disease control. In April, 1993 the biosafety workshop was organized jointly by ISAAA and CRIFC and was held in Bogor, Indonesia where the guidelines for genetic engineering research conducted under containment in laboratories have already been completed. Now, there is a pressing need for development and implementation of biosafety guidelines for the release of agricultural biotechnology products. A drafting committee for Biosafety Guidelines had been established by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture. The biosafety guidelines will control the agricultural biotechnology products (plants, livestock and fish, and microbes) developed using DNA recombinant technology, and the deliberate release of the genetically modified organisms (excluding those modified using (1) cell and protoplast fusion technology, (2) traditional hybridization and propagation technology, and (3) induced variation technology) into Indonesian environment. Finalizing biosafety guidelines with legal aspect under ministerial decree is underway.
Creator Muhammad Herman Sugiono Moeljopawiro
Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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Issue 5
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